Speaking Through Odd Circumstances

Exodus 3:1-22

Can you remember a time when you were so engrossed in the details of your own life that you couldn’t hear God’s voice at all? In times like those, it’s difficult to detect the Father’s whisper. So instead, He may shout through unusual circumstances to get our attention.

Consider Moses in the third chapter of Exodus. Though well educated and raised as a prince, he was now exiled and humiliated in the wilderness. Life certainly wasn’t turning out as he’d envisioned, and he was probably preoccupied with fear, disappointment, and pride.

But God had big plans for Moses and needed to get his attention. So the Lord arranged something that the shepherd just couldn’t ignore: a bush that was on fire and yet was not being consumed. Even more startling, God spoke to Moses through that burning bush! Do you think a sight like that would have made you take notice?

Sometimes God works this way with us, too. In order to speak to us, He must first get our undivided attention by doing something so unusual that we have no choice but to stop, look, and listen.

There is no such thing as an accident for a child of God. Whatever we see or hear could play a role in accomplishing His purpose.

We must learn how to look for God in all circumstances, from the wild and unexpected to the simple and mundane. Whether our situation seems unbelievably good or unbearably bad, we are wise to step back and ask the Lord to help us view the matter from His perspective.

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