The Sacrifice of Worship

Romans 12:1-2

At times we make the mistake of thinking worship is something reserved for church. But today’s passage paints a much broader picture of what’s involved in this highest of human endeavors—it is not only an act of giving the Lord our heartfelt verbal praise and adoration but is also defined as offering Him a sacrifice. In fact, the first time we read the word worship in Scripture is in connection with Abraham’s willingness to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice to God. (See Gen. 22:5.)

Through Jesus Christ, God in His mercy and grace saved us from condemnation for our sins. When we grasp the magnitude of that blessing, the natural response is to offer ourselves back to Him. After all, Christ purchased us for God, rescuing us from slavery to sin. So we now belong to Him—body, soul, and spirit. This means we’re no longer to live in conformity to the world’s values and pursuits.

Here’s how James 4:4 expresses it: “Friendship with the world is hostility toward God.” That’s not to say we can’t enjoy the gifts in our earthly life, but we don’t want to support the world’s sinful enticements, attitudes, values, and priorities.

Continually renewing our minds with God’s Word will keep us from drifting back into love for worldly things. Scripture will transform our thinking by making clear what our heavenly Father desires for us. Then, as we grow in our love for Christ and obedience to Him, worship will become an everyday opportunity instead of just a Sunday event.

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