VIDEO Mary or Martha, One Thing Is Needful

But Martha was distracted.But Martha was distracted.But Martha was distracted. Luke 10:40

A British publication reported about a new study that found the average office worker in the UK takes more than 100 minibreaks during the week, drinks 19 cups of coffee, and attends 17 meetings. A whopping 56 percent say their smartphones are the biggest obstacle to productivity. Many of us can identify with those numbers. Like Martha, we’re distracted.

But here’s another verse for you—1 Corinthians 7:35: “…serve the Lord without distraction.”

This world is filled with distractions, and many of them have to do with our technology. But distractions should never keep us from determining in our minds to wholeheartedly pursue a closer walk with God each day. Like Martha, we have work to do, chores to perform, and responsibilities to bear. But like her sister Mary, we also need time to sit at the feet of Jesus, fellowshipping with Him in Bible study and prayer.

The question isn’t whether we’re going to be Martha or Mary. That’s a false choice. Mary needed time with Jesus, and she undoubtedly learned how to do it. On the other hand, Martha undoubtedly served others with diligence. The key is finding the right balance between listening and laboring, always giving priority to our walk with God.

One Thing Is Needful, Luke 10:38-42 – Pastor Chuck Smith – Topical Bible Study

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