Sunday Reflection: The Blessing of God’s Presence

Signs of God’s blessing are all around us, but discerning them can be difficult. We tend to think God is moving and blessing us when things are going well—when marriages are thriving, we get the promotion, or sickness is healed. But He blesses us even in the wilderness of our lives—in the unknown, unpredictable, and uncomfortable.

When things are difficult, it’s common to believe the solution is to move past our problems—to change our circumstances. But God doesn’t just pluck us out of the desert places. Usually, He comes alongside us, bringing life, water, and renewed hope as we journey onward.

Think About It
• Can you list any examples of God’s blessing in your life? It could be something simple. Perhaps He has provided for a need or desire. Or maybe He’s encouraged you by means of an interaction with a friend.

• Imagine the thirst you might experience after days traveling in a desert. How would you feel if water suddenly appeared before you? A similar sense of relief is available to you now, regardless of your circumstances. Call out to the Lord and discover He’s already right there with you.

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