Between You and Me, Lord

Psalm 32:8


I see it clearly, Lord,

every single thing that happens

is ultimately between You and me,

just the two of us alone.

No matter who is sitting beside me,

no matter how many people crowd around

or whether I am at home or abroad,

in the final analysis it is my relationship with You that counts.


There is the outside me that other people know:

how I walk and talk,

how I dress and eat,

what I like and dislike.

Folk could write essays on all that

and yet I should find it difficult to accept

for it wouldn’t be the real me.


The real me only You know fully.

The inner person that only partially expresses itself,

that struggles for life

against the bonds of the body encumbering it,

that flutters and strains for it hardly knows what,

striving for something greater than it can express—

This hidden self You know and understand,

and I am glad in that knowledge.


That is why all that happens is finally

just between You and me.

For You are the only one who can truly judge me.

You are reality, the unchangeable truth,

and a spark of Your eternal spirit has been lit in my heart

drawing me to You,

linking me with You,

invisibly and eternally.


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