Sunday Reflection: The Blessing of God’s Timing

It’s frustrating to desire something—a solution, position, experience, relationship, or possession—but sense the Lord saying “no” or “not now.” This is especially difficult as Christians in a culture that tells us it’s possible to have anything we want, if only we’ll work harder or sacrifice more. This fundamental belief has led to all kinds of heartache, from workaholism to exploitation and dishonesty. It doesn’t matter how, the underlying message says, as long as we get what we want.

But the truth is, God never promises that we will have everything we want or always be comfortable. In fact, He never even suggests we’re entitled to any of that. Instead, what He promises is to complete the work He’s begun in us: to restore, reward, and make us the people He created us to be. Compared to that, what do any of our earthly desires matter?

Think About It
• Can you remember a time when you’ve wanted something but couldn’t have it? How did you feel? Did you behave differently as a result?

• Have you ever felt impatient with God? What could it look like to let Him work in His own timing?

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