God’s Kind of Love

He that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

—John 14:21


God, being Himself God, an uncreated being, deriving from no one, owing nothing to anybody, must necessarily be the fountain of all the love there is! That is why I say that as our God, He must love Himself forever with pure and perfect love.

This kind of love, God’s love, holy and blameless—this is the love which the three Persons of the Godhead feel and hold for one another. The Father to the Son; the Son to the Father; the Father and Son to the Spirit; the Spirit to the Father and Son—the divine Trinity in perfect and blameless and proper love; loving one another with a holy, poured out devotion! The Trinity’s three fountains, eternal, infinite, pouring without measure into each other from the bottomless, boundless, shoreless sea of perfect love and bliss….

God being who and what He is, is Himself the only being that He can love directly. Everything else and everyone else that God loves, He loves for His own sake. EFE012-013

God loved us because of something in Himself, and so if Christ is dwelling is us, we will love because of the Christ within us. HS470


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