VIDEO From Childhood the Future Looks Uncertain…but God

I thank You and praise You, O God of my fathers; You have given me wisdom and might. Daniel 2:23

Chloe Newman was born without a limb, and for years she received medical care from a hospital in Massachusetts. She’s eighteen now, and just donated more than four hundred Barbie dolls with prosthetic legs to the hospital. “I think [the patients] would feel better about themselves,” she said. Because of her disability, she’s become a blessing to many others.1

It’s painful to see children suffer. Of all the experiences in life we rightly feel that childhood trauma is the most unfair. Yet even then, the mercy of God can guide and provide. The prophet Daniel was a youth when he was seized by Babylonian soldiers, ripped from home, and placed in the service of a pagan despot. But by God’s grace and mercy, Daniel maintained his resolve to follow and obey the Lord; and look at how the Lord used him to bless others!

When adversity comes early in life, we have to trust the One who holds our times in His hands. If His eye is on the sparrow, He will watch over us, our loved ones, and our little ones.

At great risk to himself, again and again, [Daniel] maintained his undivided devotion to God. In turn, God gave him knowledge and skill.
Anne Graham Lotz


The Future Looks Uncertain…but God – Daniel 2 – Skip Heitzig

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