God’s Word Is Powerful

For the word of God is quick, and powerful…and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

—Hebrews 4:12


God Almighty does not bellow to the wide universe and have it come back as an empty echo through His holy ears. He has told us that His word going forth from His mouth does not ever return void and without results. God’s word is always powerful and it needs no one to run around apologizing for it and thinking up clever ways to defend it.

The gospel ship, the ark of God, is not a ghost ship floating idly on the sea. [It is] fully manned with a faithful crew, the winds of the Holy Spirit in her sail, passengers who are…free men and women, bound for a free port in a holy land!

Throughout this troubled old world, God has His saints and He knows them. They are washed in His blood, born of His Spirit. They are begotten of the Word of Truth, saved by the miracle of redemption. He will call them all home when the time comes. EFE106-107

What comforts me is the thought that we are being shaped here below into stones for the heavenly templethat to be made like Him is the object of our earthly existence. JAS055


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