Empowering Ourselves

Gaius’s way is God’s way.

And it can be our way. When we selflessly refuse to look out just for ourselves or our own property, we give God the freedom to prosper our souls. When we serve, in whatever capacity we find, not only do we empower others for ministry, we receive the benefit of knowing we have obeyed our loving Father.

Sometimes we hold back on service for fear that we can only take care of ourselves. Our own pressing needs and those of our family force us to try to keep something in reserve. Or we become so used up by the busyness of our lives that it seems we have virtually nothing left over.

I’ve learned, however, the very answer for our own impoverished souls may be to offer whatever we have left to someone else. We may need to be like the Old Testament widow, down to her last drop of oil, who gave what she had to Elijah. But then, just as the widow learned, God replenishes.

I’ve discovered that it actually seems to please God when we feel like we have nothing to offer because He works through us, and we don’t get confused about who’s doing what. Out of our emptiness, God uses us.

It takes a special calling to be a career missionary or a pastor. But the power behind those messengers of God comes from faithful people like Gains, who look so ordinary in many respects until you notice their open hands, open hearts, and open homes helping to make a way for the Gospel.

By David Jeremiah

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