The Way of the Cross

Luke 2:49-52

It was a rocky road to Bethlehem!

The precious parchments of the patriarchs

had set the scene on history’s holy page.

The sacred signs were there. Messiah’s Day

would dawn when God’s own time had fully come.

A star proclaimed The Hour and angels sang

“Good News! The Peasant Prince is birthed in straw!”


It was a winding way near Nazareth!

A village youth at work among the shavings of

the shop where wooded things were hewn once paused

to stretch his arms as shafts of light etched out

His silhouette upon the farthest wall.

The shadowed shape traced not a carpenter

but victim, cast upon a cross of shame!


It was a pleasant path by Galilee!

The Rabbi from obscurity strode down

the dusty road beside that sea so prone

to trouble workers on the wave. He marched

into the mart where wondrous words would hold

the throngs enthralled and grasping for God’s news—

the gospel of a kingdom near at hand.


It was a craggy course, discipleship!

He called his own, as rabbis do, out from

the ordinary and bland—the fishing and

the taxing, too. He molded, melded them,

and minded them to down their nets, take up

their cross to follow Him. No turning back,

no wav’ring on the way ahead for them.

Lucille L. Turfrey, The War Cry


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