The Way of the Cross (cont.)

1 Corinthians 15:55-57


It was a torturous trail, throughout this land

where steadfastly He strode toward His goal.

His wisdom at a village well brought peace

to one so wrong and wronged. He offered draughts

of living water, quenching all soul thirst.

The bland, the lame, the leprous, wasted ones

found hope and wholeness in His healing touch.


They were such stately streets, Jerusalem’s!

Downtrodden by the alien force of Rome,

the city also suffered men so holy to

themselves but far from God in Temple veils.

His challenge to the blasphemies, the sins,

injustices of priests and king, would take

Him to a cross, the rugged frame of death.


It was a treach’rous track to Calvary!

The shouldered beam, the bloodied back bent low

from lashings cruelly cast, the thorny crown,

the grief of pains more deep than soldiers made.

He bore our griefs, our pains of sin, and laid

them in the tomb of God’s forgetfulness,

those sins of ours, releasing us to life!


It was a radiant road of joy from out

the empty tomb so near that knoll,

Golgotha’s ghastly face—that “Calvary.”

The Resurrection dawn extends its glow

upon this precious path. So where, O Death,

is now your sting, your conqu’ring, gaping grave?

The victory is Christ’s, the Lord of Life!

Lucille L. Turfrey, The War Cry


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