If My Feet Have Faltered

Psalm 27:4



Savior, if my feet have faltered

On the pathway of the cross,

If my purposes have altered

Or my gold be mixed with dross,

O forbid me not Thy service,

Keep me yet in Thy employ,

Pass me through a sterner cleansing

If I may but give Thee joy!


All my work is for the Master,

He is all my heart’s desire;

O that He may count me faithful

In the day that tries by fire!


Have I worked for hireling wages,

Or as one with vows to keep,

With a heart whose love engages

Life or death, to save the sheep?

All is known to Thee, my Master,

All is known, and that is why

I can work and wait the verdict

Of Thy kind but searching eye.


I must love Thee, love must rule me,

Springing up and flowing forth

From a childlike heart within me,

Or my work is nothing worth.

Love with passion and with patience,

Love with principle and fire,

Love with heart and mind and utterance,

Serving Christ my one desire.

Albert Orsborn, The Beauty of Jesus


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