Jesus’ Temptation A Peak of Pressure

Matthew 4:1-11
The Bible states that after Jesus was baptized, He was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness in order to face temptation by the devil. But why would God direct His own Son to endure temptation?

Just prior to this experience, Jesus had participated in John’s “baptism of repentance” (Matt. 3:11-13), even though He was sinless and didn’t need that symbolic cleansing; He chose to be baptized in order to identify with the world He came to save. Then He fasted 40 days and nights in the desert, where Satan tempted Him. God allowed this time of testing—and Jesus willingly submitted to it—so that He could also identify with the struggles and trials we all face. But while so many of us stumble and give in to temptation, He remained faultless even through the full pressure of Satan’s challenges.

We have a Savior who endured the same types of struggles we face today, and that gives credence to the fact that He understands what His children encounter. He sits at God’s right hand, where He intercedes for us. He is fully God and, at the same time, fully man, who willingly identified with us. Don’t hesitate to bring your greatest difficulties to Him—He truly understands.

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