Resurection Power

Philippians 3:10

Power is a dominating theme of our age. We talk about nuclear power, money power, political power, people power. Men in the corridors of power play the power game, manipulating men and nations. Yes, human power is great. But it fades into insignificance when we consider the power of Christ.

The Scriptures give us a picture of His power. All things were made by Him. By His creative power He gave the hills their shape, the landscape its color and beauty and the animal kingdom its rich variety. He demonstrated His power over nature when He stilled the storm and calmed the raging sea. He showed His power over human nature when He opened the eyes of the blind and made the lame to walk.

But mightiest of all was His power over death when on that first Easter morning He burst the shackles of the grave and overcame death with resurrection power. The words of Paul shared his longing: “I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection” (Philippians 3:10).

Such power is irresistible. It takes no account of obstacles. Jesus emerging from the tomb found the heavy stone no barrier. He left the grave clothes behind undisturbed. He ignored the Roman guards.

Doesn’t life at times seem to hem us in with all kinds of obstacles? Immovable barriers and insurmountable limitations? We just can’t be the kind of people we want to be. Sinful habits keep coming back to thwart us. Frustrations and difficulties weigh us down and we feel we can’t cope. There is no way we can break through.

But wait! Resurrection power can touch your life. It doesn’t have to be defeat and despair. Just as the women who went to the garden in that pre-dawn hour found the massive stone rolled away from the tomb, you can find the resurrection power to overcome your setbacks, your sins.

Symbolically that quiet power, so unlike the world’s noisy, explosive variety, we see at work in springtime each year. New life, color, beauty and glory come unobtrusively to the earth after the cold barren death-like time of winter. So the resurrection power of Christ, His quiet force, can bring new beauty and loveliness to your life. As John Gowans has reminded us:


Out of my darkness He calls me,

Out of my doubt, my despair,

Out of the wastes of my winter,

Into the spring of His care.

Eva Burrows, Salvationist


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