Try and Try Again!

Hebrews 12:1

Perhaps the story of every winner of fame and fortune in the wide, wide world might be written in these words: “He succeeded because he tried and tried and tried again.”

I often try, and fail at the onset. I cannot see, nor hear, nor feel, nor even imagine conquest; more frequently I imagine the very opposite to conquest. The devil or something whispers to me of defeat rather than triumph. But I try again and again, and again, and then I see, I hear and rejoice when the thing is done. So I say, “Go on, my brother; try, my sister. Try again, and you shall conquer.”

My comrade, you want a clean heart. You did try for the treasure once. You went to the altar and tried to understand, tried to consecrate, tried to believe, tried to feel, tried to keep hold of God, but you did not succeed; at least, you thought you did not get the blessing, or if you had it you thought you lost it again, and now you say to yourself, “I failed.” There is only one thing for you to do and that is to give up reasoning about it, and try again.

You want to see that soul saved—father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, wife—someone who is very dear to you. You made an effort on their behalf once; you talked to them, wrote to them, prayed, believed for them, or thought you did. Anyway, you tried hard, really hard, and yet not so very hard, nor so very long, after all, compared with what your Savior did for you. Still, you did try, and you failed; and yet I won’t let you call it failure. How do you know what you accomplished? Well, they are not saved. What ought you to do?

There is only one thing you can do. Try again.

Look to your aim. Is it in God’s plan that you should have it? Is it for the welfare of someone else? Is it within the circle of the atoning blood? Is it a pleasing object to the Almighty? Then make your resolution, see to your faith, sharpen your sword, throw away your scabbard, summon heaven and earth to your help, make a death-struggle of it, and try, and try, and try again, and again, and again, and you shall overcome as Jesus overcame and sit down with Him on the Conqueror’s Throne and wear the victor’s crown.

William Booth, The Warrior’s Daily Portion


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