Send Out Thy Light

Psalm 43:3


Send out Thy light and Thy truth, Lord,

Into my heart let them shine;

Here while I’m waiting in faith, Lord,

Hark to this pleading of mine.

Search now my heart, do not spare it,

Pour in Thy Spirit’s pure light;

Tell me the truth I will bear it,

Hide not the worst from my sight.


Savior, my all I will bring;

How can I offer Thee less?

Widely the doors now I fling,

Come and Thy temple possess.


Send out Thy light, let it lead me,

Bring me to Thy holy hill;

When from all sin thou hast freed me,

I shall delight in Thy will.

Jesus, Thy wounding is tender,

Kind is the light that reveals,

Waiting until I surrender,

Pouring the balm then that heals.


Fullness of joy in Thy presence,

Bliss at Thy side evermore,

This is the life that I enter,

Now that my struggles are o’er. When with Thy Spirit’s rich treasure

My earthen vessel is stored,

Mine is the service of pleasure,

Thine all the glory, dear Lord.

Ruth Tracy, The Salvation Army Song Book


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