A Disturbing Verse

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.

—Hebrews 12:14



The word holy is used to describe the character of angels, the nature of heaven and the character of God. It is written that angels are holy and those angels who gaze down upon the scenes of mankind are called the watchers and holy ones.

It is said that heaven is a holy place where no unclean thing can enter in.

God Himself is described by the adjective holy—Holy Ghost, Holy Lord and Holy Lord God Almighty. These words are used of God throughout the Bible, showing that the highest adjective that can be ascribed to God, the highest attribute that can be ascribed to God is that of holiness, and, in a relative sense, even the angels in heaven partake of the holiness of God.

We note in the Bible, too, that the absence of holiness is given as a reason for not seeing God….This text does have a meaning and it ought to disturb us until we have discovered what it means and how we may meet its conditions. ICH064-065

The divine antidote for the satanic poison of sin is holiness….Holiness is an attribute of God and a requirement of the people of God. CDL059


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