VIDEO Encouraged

They encouraged them. Acts 16:40

Scottish pastor John McNeill told a story from his childhood about walking home one night. “It was nearly midnight when I started to tramp six or seven miles down through the lonely glen to get home. The road had a bad name. This particular night was very black, and two miles outside our little village the road gets blacker than ever. I was just entering the dark defile when, about one hundred yards ahead, in the densest of the darkness, there suddenly rang out a great, strong, cheery voice, ‘Is that you, Johnny?’ It was my father—the bravest, strongest man I ever knew.”[1]

We often need someone to call our name in the darkness to encourage us. Our God is the God of encouragement, and He uses various means to accomplish this goal. He uses His Word. He uses His Spirit. He uses the writings of others. But He also uses people.

In Acts 16, Paul gathered his young converts during a very dark time and encouraged them.

Someone is on a gloomy road today. Can you call their name in the dark? Can you be an encouragement?

Many a time since, when things have been getting black and gloomy about me, I have heard a Voice greater than that of my earthly parent cry: “Fear not, for I am with thee.”  John McNeill

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