Reconciliation great theme

2 Corinthians 5:19

Reconciliation is one of the Apostle Paul’s great themes, one of his flaming certainties. “Now then!” cried he to the Corinthians, who dwelt in the center and seat of worldly wisdom, “We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God” (2 Corinthians 5:20).

Reconciliation is both a message and a mystery. But because there is mystery in the heart of this great fact it is not therefore to be rejected. We dwell in the midst of mysteries, and we are ourselves mysterious creatures. Our unresolved interrogatives circle the globe and fill the skies, but we go on living, though we fail in knowing. So many facts must be accepted without explanation. This is true of spiritual as well as of material things.

Look with me at this lovely word reconciliation. It fills the mind with a healing color, like that of a golden sunset, closing with its quiet benison of a stormy day. It is as quiet and potent as a falling tear, when repentance and forgiveness meet, as sacred as the kiss that ends a quarrel and disperses misunderstanding, as strong as the renewed clasp of friendship when hands that have been separated are joined again in a touch warm and strong.

The initiative in reconciliation comes from God. Calvary is God breaking through to save us. There was no precedent for Calvary: there has been no repetition. It is unique and final.

Calvary cries aloud to men, “Come here, come near, and see what is God’s mind toward you!” Stand at the cross and wonder and pray, for here was made possible the greatest moral miracle, divine forgiveness.

Luther said, “Sin is a knot which it needs a God to unravel.” In Christ, the fact of sin and the fact of forgiveness are brought together, the legally irreconcilable are “made one” at the cross.

We are all hopeless moral and spiritual bankrupts. We face the tragedy of life’s insolvency—our wasted capital, our disappointing or bitter dividends. Into this hopeless reckoning comes Christ, the Reconciler, compensating for our inadequacy, building again our wasted reserves, supplying the equation which balances and integrates the disordered life. He reconciles life’s accounts and meets human deficit by divine forgiveness.

Never again can you hold yourself cheap, never again admit the inevitability of your own failure, if once you see human personality at Calvary’s valuation. There stands at the cross, in the midst of our turmoil and sin, its loving and unchanging message to all mankind, “Be reconciled to God!”

Albert Orsborn, The War Cry


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