Sunday Reflection: God’s Promise to Satisfy Us

As we reflect on satisfying our hunger, thirst, and longing with a view to eternity, it becomes clear that God’s intention isn’t for us to disregard earthly pleasures. The things that bring us joy and satisfaction in our everyday lives are gifts from the Lord—given to enjoy, of course, but also to serve as important reminders of the satisfaction He promises.

In His love and mercy, God promises much: to faithfully stay with us (Deut. 31:6, Matt. 28:20), give us wisdom (James 1:5), fulfill every need we have (Phil. 4:19), meet us where we are (James 4:8), and reveal what we’re to say in hard situations (Matt. 10:19), to name a few. We can look to these promises as we wait for His return, knowing that each earthly joy is but a glimpse of what is to come.

Think about it
• Think of something you genuinely enjoy or find satisfying. Is it easy to see this as a reminder of the joy God offers?

• When Christ’s promises are realized, our souls will be satisfied. How does reflecting on His promises help you in your pursuit of righteousness and, ultimately, eternal satisfaction?

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