An Obstetrician’s Point of View

Mark 10:14

In the book Letters to Salvationists on Love, Marriage and the Home, the Army’s founder, William Booth, writes, “Children are, or ought to be, a great boon. It was the divine intention in the beginning that they should be the crowning blessing of a happy and useful life, and, beyond all question, that is the divine intention still.”

On a Sunday morning while listening to the junior songsters at my corps, I was awed at God’s handiwork. Each life, once a single cell upon conception with absolutely unique DNA, is now a trillion cells in the process of reaching full potential. These beautiful faces, some saved from the abortionist’s curette, now sing to the honor and glory of God, each one touched in some way by the programs of The Salvation Army.

In the United States since 1973, one-third of the children antepartum (residing in the womb) have been sacrificed on the altar of human choice. Over 32 million lives have been summarily extinguished through elective in utero extermination.

William Booth has declared: “To possess children is a natural and all but universal desire. A society in which this is not the case is a rotten society. Where children are not desired, there is an unnatural perverted state of things, generally resulting from utterly selfish and worldly, if not devilish causes.”

The gospel quotes our Lord as saying, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14). He entreats us to stand as children of the light, and we are admonished not to shed innocent blood. What could be more innocent than an in utero boy or girl in its amniotic maternal environment?

May we not consciously dehumanize the vulnerable or commit the sin of omission, standing by as children of all ages are persecuted, neglected and abandoned. May we truly be found faithful by those who follow in our footsteps, those tiny feet and tender hearts that are guided by our every word and example. May we not forget nor neglect our role to all, from the embryo to the grave, and all that is life in between.

Norman Raymond M.D., The War Cry


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