VIDEO Jailhouse Blues – Seek the Things That Are Above


If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is….  Colossians 3:1

While Ruth Bryant was celebrating her 100th birthday party, police arrived at her assisted living center with handcuffs. “Are you Miss Bryant?” said an officer. He handcuffed her to her walker and led her to the police car. When she kicked at him, he said, “Don’t kick me; I’ve got a bad knee.” Ruth replied, “I’ve got two bad knees!” She was taken to the county jail and given an orange jumpsuit—and then everyone posed for pictures! Apparently one of the remaining items on Ruth’s bucket list was being arrested for something.

Do you have a bucket list—things you want to do before you kick the bucket?

Whatever you miss on earth will quickly be forgotten in heaven, for that’s when our life truly begins in splendor. This world is a brief prologue to the real story—our eternal home in heaven. Sometimes we think we’re missing out because we can’t visit every country, fulfill every desire, experience every adventure, and enjoy every opportunity. But earth is fading away, and our future is glorious—heaven with God!

What a blessed thought! Our eternity in heaven is secure through Christ.

Heaven is a realm of unsurpassed joy, unfading glory, undiminished bliss, unlimited delights, and unending pleasures. John MacArthur

Seek the Things That Are Above

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