VIDEO The Truth I’m Standing On

A natural example of this point can be found by looking at the two seas in the Holy Land. The Sea of Galilee freely receives and gives out water. It has an abundance of life, nurturing many different kinds of fish and plant life. The water from the Sea of Galilee is carried by way of the Jordan river to the Dead Sea. But the Dead Sea only takes water in and does not give out. There is nothing living, no fish or plant life in the Dead Sea. The powerful life giving waters of the Sea of Galilee become dead when mixed with the hoarded waters of the Dead Sea. Life can not be sustained if held onto. –John Bevere, “The Bait Of Satan” Charisma House, 1997, page 12,13.

One of the most telling examples is our view of truth. In the 1960s, 65 percent of Americans said they believed the Bible is true; today that figure has dropped to 32 percent. Even more dramatically, today 67 percent of all Americans deny that there’s any such thing as truth. Seventy percent say there are no moral absolutes.

(Ravi Zacharias, Can Man Live Without God, (Word Publ., Dallas: 1994), p. ix. 10,000 Sermon Illustrations)

Matthew West – The Truth I’m Standing On LIVE Concert

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