VIDEO No More Tears: Tear Catchers – When people trample on your life

You…put my tears into your bottle; are they not in Your book?  Psalm 56:8


In the ancient world, certain bottles were called “tear catchers.” They were made from brown glass and were used in Ancient Persia during funerals to collect the tears of mourners. In Rome, mourners filled small bottles with tears and placed them in the tombs as symbols of respect for the deceased.

Perhaps David had something like that in mind in Psalm 56. According to the heading of the Psalm, he was running from King Saul and had ventured into Philistine territory where he’d been captured. We know he wrote Psalm 56 as an emotional plea to God for help, saying, in effect, “Lord, you see my every tear as though it were filling a bottle in your all-loving heart.”

Some who are reading these words are filled with grief over a loss or a difficult matter. The tears are flowing. We all know what that’s like. But so does the Lord, for Jesus Himself wept. No tear is ever unnoticed by Him who will one day wipe them from our eyes. He is engaged with your burdens.

As the blood of His saints and their deaths are precious in the sight on the Lord, so are their tears—not one of them shall fall to the ground. Matthew Henry

Psalm 56 • When people trample on your life

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