A Summer Reverie

Acts 17:27-28


God is near—so very near!

I see Him in the rising of the sun,

in the glow of an open fire,

in the busy scurrying of a little mouse,

in the radiant beauty of a wild flower.

God is near—I know He’s near!

I hear Him in the stillness of the early dawn,

in the plaintive cooing of a dove,

in the carefree laughter of a child,

in the patter of the rain on parched ground.

It must be true that God is near!

I feel Him in the companionship of many friends,

in the unqualified love of my family,

in the tender, prodding voice of conscience,

in the inspiring wisdom of His word.

Yes, God is near—so very near!

And yet, although His love I see,

a timeless question puzzles me.

With evidence like this about,

how can it be that men still doubt?

Dorothy E. Breen, It’s Beautiful!


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