Growing Faith

2 Thessalonians 1:3-5

God’s desire is that we grow in faith as we walk with Him. Faith is not merely a one-time event through which we were saved; rather, it’s a continuous way of life from the point of salvation forward. Ideally, the longer we live, the greater our confidence in God should become.

Our degree of faith in the Lord affects every area of our life—our thoughts, attitudes, prayers, and behavior. And trials often reveal just how much we trust Him. When we face afflictions, do we notice only the suffering and impossibilities, or do we see the greatness of our heavenly Father, who controls all these situations?

Faith also has the power to influence emotions. When our minds are filled with doubts about God, anxiety and fear rush in. Instead of resting in Christ, we fuss and fume, trying to anticipate all possible outcomes and solve every problem in our own strength.

But when God’s Word is the foundation for our thoughts, we’ll find that His love, sovereignty, and wisdom become our focus. And as our confidence in the Father grows, we’ll find ourselves depending on Him more. Then difficulties won’t shake us as easily because His peace and joy will guard our heart and our mind.

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