“Amen, God”

1 Chronicles 16:36


Lord, I’ve never talked with You about “Amen.” It always seemed to be the end of my prayer. Today I suddenly, happily realized it is the beginning of my prayer.

Of course, I’m not going to start my prayer “Amen, God,” but it really isn’t such a far-out idea after all. Amen is such a full, rich word of assent or affirmation! I think this is why I was so thrilled when the songsters sang “Amen” fortissimo. So be it, God!

No questions, no “whys,” no quibbling or challenging—only “Amen.” So be it, Lord! Your purposes and plans, Your will and desires, Your answers to my prayers have my deep, glad assent.

Dear Lord, thank You for reminding me that my “Amen” is “Yes, God.” I know that when the sun is shining it will be easy to say “Amen” clearly and loudly; but when it gets dark or if You say “wait” or “no,” even though the “Amen” may be softly spoken, may it be a resolute consent to and acceptance of Your design for my life.

All the experiences I cannot understand—the circumstances which bring pain or anguish—so be it, Lord! All the joys, the dreams realized and all the fair blossoms of life—Amen, yes, Lord! Always yes!

“All the people said ‘Amen’ and ‘praise the Lord'” (1 Chronicles 16:36).

Virginia E. Talmadge, Little Prayers to a Big God


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