The Book

2 Timothy 3:16


The Bible is a very wonderful book. Its very name signifies this. It is The Book, the book which, above every other, a man should know, treasure and obey. It is valuable for many reasons.

God is its Author. He caused it to be written under His own special direction. The Holy Spirit put the thoughts into the hearts of holy men. They wrote them down. That is the reason we speak of it as the Word of God.

It tells us of God. We might have expected that our heavenly Father would not leave us in ignorance about Himself, that He would want to tell us of His power and love, and to declare what His feelings are towards us. And that is just what He has done in the Bible.

From it we learn all that we know about the birth and life and death, the resurrection and ascension of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us about the future state: of the resurrection of the dead, the Great White Throne, the heaven of delight, and the hell of misery.

It is the Bible that tells us of the merits of the precious Blood of our Savior, the possibilities of the forgiveness of sins, the purification of our hearts, the protection of God and the triumph of a dying hour.

Now, my comrade, what ought you to do with the Bible? I will tell you.

The very least that you can do is to read it. Read a few verses at a time; read them on your knees, when you rise in the morning, when you retire at night, in your spare moments. Read it in your families. See that you experience in your heart the blessings it offers. Fulfill the duties it commands. Publish the salvation of the Bible wherever you go.

Oh, my comrade, do not let the Bible rise up in judgment against you, as it surely will if you either neglect it, or if knowing about the salvation and victory of which it tells, you do not enjoy that salvation and experience that victory.

William Booth, Religion for Every Day


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