A Switch in Pleasure Source

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and…they loved not their lives unto the death. —Revelation 12:11

The way [faith] works in experience is something like this: The believing man is overwhelmed suddenly by a powerful feeling that only God matters; soon this works itself out into his mental life and conditions all his judgments and all his values.

Now he finds himself free from slavery to man’s opinions. Soon he learns to love above all else the assurance that he is well-pleasing to the Father in heaven.

It is this complete switch in their pleasure source that has made believing men invincible. So could saints and martyrs stand alone, deserted by every earthly friend, and die for Christ under the universal displeasure of mankind….

[T]he gospel has power to deliver men from the tyranny of social approval and make them free to do the will of God. POM030

Nothing is too dear to give to Christ, nothing too great to be cheerfully sacrificed to the promotion of His glory. Such is the disposition of good men, that they place their happiness in the glory of God and the prosperity of His kingdom. DTC143

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