In the Sanctuary

Luke 12:6, 7

Sanctuary is an interesting word. It is the term used for the central or primary room in a church—a place where people gather in corporate praise, worship and prayer. It is also a place where people can be alone, in a somewhat mysterious way, with their Creator. A sacred place to commune with God. A holy place.

Sometimes the lives we live are hectic, crazy. The treadmill keeps moving. Certain things on our agenda are important and demand immediate attention. But we need to stop from time to time to reflect on our lives, collect our thoughts, work through our priorities.

Many years ago, God instructed Moses to build and furnish a tabernacle for the Israelite people to worship and commune with Him. “Then have them make a sanctuary for Me, and I will dwell among them” (Exodus 25:8). God, dwelling with them. Fellowship and interaction with the Creator. Help in the time of need.

So often we feel lost, confused, totally out of it. We feel alone, as if no one else really cares. We’re desperate because time is at a premium. It always is. As God gave a promise to Moses, He gives a promise to us: that He will be with us.

There’s nothing spiritually wrong with escaping to a coffee place, either alone or with friends. In fact, a nice cafe may be a kind of sanctuary in the middle of a hectic day. A place to unwind, if only for a few brief moments. And it is important to enter God’s house and to regularly worship in the sanctuary of a church. But above all, we need to enter into the sanctuary of God’s presence. David poetically cried out: “My soul thirsts for You, my body longs for You” (Psalm 63:1). Why? What did he really desire in his heart? Only to see “[God] in the sanctuary and [behold His] power and… glory” (Psalm 63:2).

David knew he could find ultimate rest and satisfaction in God’s presence. Are we thirsty for meaning in life? Do we long to retreat from our fast-paced world and run into the presence of God?

David had experienced God’s sanctuary in the past. Many today experience His presence through a peace of mind and heart that only He can bring. It simply takes initiative and a willingness of heart and spirit before Almighty God. Only then will we be able to cope realistically with life. Only then will we experience the fullness of His presence—in the holy sanctuary of the Lord.

Beverly Ivany, The War Cry

2 thoughts on “In the Sanctuary

  1. My sanctuary of choice recently has been early mornings in my favourite seat, silently reading His Word and communing with Him. All glory to Him for providing a spiritual sanctuary for each of us.


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