God’s Encouragement in Tough Times

Judges 7:8-15

As inhabitants of a fallen world, we oftentimes face heartache, intimidation, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But as children of God, saved and secure in Jesus, we are never beyond the reach of the Lord’s encouragement. Sometimes it comes through Scripture or the timely words of a fellow believer, but God can also use circumstances to raise our spirits and increase our trust in Him.

This is exactly what the Lord did for Gideon, who was undoubtedly feeling anxious about taking just three hundred men to fight against the mighty Midianite army. God strategically positioned Gideon to overhear an enemy soldier recounting a frightful dream about being defeated by the Israelites. This unlikely circumstance assured Gideon that the Lord was at work in this daunting situation and would give them the victory.

God graciously used that incident to strengthen one man’s confidence in Him, and He encourages His children in similar ways today. The unexpected, hopeful circumstances that show up in our darkest moments are not accidents but precious assurance builders from the Lord. When we remember past evidence of His faithfulness, we can boldly face the future, knowing that God is always with us.

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