The Gift of God

Psalm 127:3

Eighteen years ago, our son John was killed in an automobile accident. John, to his friends, was a real day-brightener; and to his family “fair as a star when only one is shining in the sky.” Sixteen-year-old John, who enjoyed beating his old man at every game and in every race, beat his father to the grave.

Our own broken hearts are mending, largely thanks to many dear friends and co-workers. If in that year we relearned one lesson, it is that love not only begets love, it transmits strength.

We miss John very much. We wonder how he would look and what he would be doing these days if he were still alive. Indeed, John lives. Of that we are assured; he is with our Lord, and we will be there some day also.

When a person dies, there are many things that can be said, but the one thing that should never be said is, “It is the will of God.” Our consolation lies in knowing that it was not the will of God that John should have died; God’s heart was the first of all hearts to break.

We cannot confess that our lives have always been bright and sunny. Soon after the promotion to Glory of John, I could not pray as I used to do daily. I was angry that John’s promising future had been taken away. I could not accept what had happened to him. This was the darkest time of our lives.

We were able to turn the corner by thanking God for John who was with us for those sixteen precious years, rather than theorizing on his unlived life. We started to pray together and to read God’s Word together again. We later learned that comrades in Korea spent special times in prayer for us. Certainly the gift of the Spirit was there. We learned that there were countless friends around the world praying for us in those days. No wonder the Lord had been with us in the midst of the valley of the shadow of death, in those darkest days of our lives. We owe so very much to our Lord and to the power of prayer. We thank God for His deliverance of us, for through this experience we were able to prove yet once again, His love, His compassion, His goodness and His faithfulness.

Peter & Grace Chang, The Gift of God

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