The Believer’s Repentance

2 Corinthians 12:20-21

Do you know the difference between confession of sin and repentance? We should be careful not to confuse the two—because it’s possible to confess without moving into genuine repentance. To confess sin is to agree with God’s assessment of our transgression, but repentance goes further. It involves taking responsibility for our sin by deliberately turning from it and committing to walk in obedience to God by the power of His Spirit.

It’s not enough to merely feel sorry and confess sin but change nothing. Jesus’ gracious forgiveness isn’t like a “get out of jail free” card from a certain board game. We must do more than casually say, “Lord, I’ve messed up again. I’m sorry.” To triumph over habitual sin, we must rely on God’s power, both to resist temptation and to obey Him. We might fail again, but it’s important that we keep coming to the Lord in sincere confession and repentance until He gives us victory­­—in this life or in the one to come.

If you are struggling with particular sin, ask the Lord to show you how grievous it is to Him. Then look at it from His perspective. I pray this results in a true spirit of repentance, and that your admission leads you to a more intimate relationship with the Father.

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