The Godhead of the Spirit

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter…even the Spirit of truth. —John 14:16-17

In her sacred hymnody the Church has freely acknowledged the Godhead of the Spirit and in her inspired song she has worshiped Him with joyous abandon. Some of our hymns to the Spirit have become so familiar that we tend to miss their true meaning….

In the poetical works of Frederick Faber I have found a hymn to the Holy Spirit which I would rank among the finest ever written…:

Fountain of Love! Thyself true God!

Who through eternal days

From Father and from Son hast flowed

In uncreated ways!

I dread Thee, Unbegotten Love!

True God! sole Fount of Grace!

And now before Thy blessed throne

My sinful self abase.

O Light! O Love! O very God

I dare no longer gaze

Upon Thy wondrous attributes

And their mysterious ways. POM068-069

[T]he Holy Spirit is a Being dwelling in another mode of existence….He nevertheless exists as surely as you exist. HTB011

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