A Bush with No Fire!

True worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. —John 4:23

Whatever direction the theological wind may set there are two things of which we may be certain: One is that God will not leave Himself without a witness….Saving truth will never be completely hidden from the sight of men. The poor in spirit, the penitent, will always find Christ close at hand ready to save them.

The other is that the Holy Spirit is the true conservator of orthodoxy and will invariably say the same thing to meek and trusting souls. Illuminated hearts are sure to agree at the point where the light falls.

Our only real danger is that we may grieve the blessed Spirit into silence and so be left to the mercy of our intellects….We’ll have the bush, pruned and trimmed and properly cultivated, but in the bush there will be no fire. BAM078-079

Mere wisdom…[makes] us hard and cold, but wisdom set on fire with love and energized by power [through the Holy Spirit] will enable us to bless the world. HS496

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