Prayer of Dedication

Philippians 3:10

Lord, I pray that I may know Thee,

Risen One, enthroned on high;

Empty hands I’m stretching to Thee,

Show Thyself to me, I cry.

Show Thyself to me, show Thyself to me,

That I may reveal Thy beauty;

Show Thyself to me.

All that once I thought most worthy,

All of which I once did boast,

In Thy light seems poor and passing,

’tis Thyself I covet most.

Give Thyself to me, give Thyself to me,

That I may show forth Thy power;

Give Thyself to me.

Only as I truly know Thee

Can I make Thee truly known;

Only bring the power to others

Which in my own life is shown.

Show Thy power in me, show Thy power in me,

That I may be used for others;

Show Thy power in me.

Ruth Tracy, The Salvation Army Song Book

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