Face to Face

1 Corinthians 13:12

Could anyone question the assertion that there is a great deal more sorrow in the world than joy? A pall of sorrow covers the world. We learn from this statement of Paul, first, that no soul is left totally in the dark. Though as “through a glass darkly,” (1 Cor. 13:12 KJV) yet we see. Abundant mercy has swung in the conscience a lamp which gleams in every man’s path and has fastened a guiding star in the horizon of every man’s soul.

Second, I learn in this “glass darkly” that this world’s clearest and best vision is but a misty and imperfect one. How sadly too many have lost their hold of God simply because they could not trace the full meaning of His dealings, either concerning themselves or those dear to them. How much safer and better do we remember that it was within the planning of God’s love that we should not know now, but know hereafter. This world is not our home—it is a place of sojourn.

Lastly, I see that there is to be an inestimable and indescribable difference between our present day and our eternal tomorrow. We are to enter into His presence; we are to look upon His countenance, nothing between—no glass, no cloud, no time intervening—but “face to face” with Jesus! Now the beclouded view, then a fadeless shining! Now the tumult and the strife, then the rest and eternal life! Now the weeping and the sighing, then the song and the tearless eyes! Now the children dying, then no more parting! Now the graves’ hearts breaking, then the resurrection greeting! Morning with an eternity in it!

Oh, the transforming touch of that hour! We shall find our bereavements; they will meet us as reunions. We shall find our loss rebounding in eternal gain. We shall find our hidden struggles crowned in open victory. We shall find the complete fulfillment of every promise of the Bible, verifying the fondest dreams of the saints. The gates of strife will be closed behind us, the boundary crossed, the veil torn, the morning broken.

Sight unequaled, sound unparalleled, light unrivaled, as the heavenly orchestra catches the strain of the numberless multitude and bursts in with the chorus of the Hallelujah anthem. Oh, it is the “face to face” time! No one can describe the glory. The redeemed break out as every eye is cast on the wounded hands, the riven side, the thorn-pierced brow of the conquering Lord.

Evangeline Booth, Love Is All

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