VIDEO A Line of Praise – What is Worship?

Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous! For praise from the upright is beautiful. Psalm 33:1

Charles Spurgeon once told of an old clergyman who said that a line of praise was even better than a page of prayer—that “praise was the highest, noblest, best, most satisfying, and most healthful occupation in which a Christian man could be found.”

If that’s true, how can we praise the Lord as we go through the day?

When we look out our morning windows, we should pause to take in the sky, looking for rays of sunshine, whisps of clouds, drops of rain, flakes of snow—each and every one crafted from the artistry of the Almighty. When we have our breakfast and eat our meals, we should pause to thank God for His generous nature, for He provides us with everything to enjoy. As we drive to work or take up the housecleaning, we should sing a song of praise, even if it’s simply in our mind. As dusk and darkness fall over the landscape, we should remember God’s faithfulness.

Praising our Savior strengthens our faith, steadies our nerves, and minimizes our troubles.

He surrounds you twenty-four hours a day. He is in you, with you, about you, before you. John R. Bisagno

Psalm 33 • What is Worship?

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