Can Anybody Live a Holy Life?

1 Peter 1:15-16

Nearly everybody means to get to heaven, and all who know what Christ teaches, as to the way there, believe that there is no admission for any who are not holy. And yet for anyone to profess to have attained holiness here and now is simply outrageous! Why?

Chiefly on account of that view of holiness almost universally prevalent, which confuses holiness with the perfection attained only by saints in their glorified state. God’s people are required to be holy, and yet they are told that “If any man think himself to be anything… he is nothing” (Galatians 6:3). How can these things be?

Children of God, shall we do less in these days of shame, than live a holy life? But what does holiness imply?

We all admit the reasonableness of presenting to God ourselves and all we have; but we generally fail to realize that a sacrifice must pass out of the possession of him who offers it.

One Being in the world’s history is “the Holy One.” This is the One who was always entirely God’s from His mother’s womb.

From all I conclude, to be holy is simply to be given up to God, and a man cannot become holy in any other way than by giving himself up, and not only wishing to become, but becoming wholly the Lord’s.

Believer in Jesus, what does this blood that has washed away your guilt say as it streams from His side for you? Does it not cry, with the voice of God, “You are not your own… you are bought with a price” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). You can be nothing higher, better than God’s—dare you be anything less?

To be holy: that is how to glorify God. How glorious the life, the character, the destiny, the work, of every branch that abides in Jesus! Holy living is divine living, that is all.

Nobody can lead a holy life of himself, but Christ can live a holy life in anybody. Shall He live such a life in us?

George Scott Railton, The Christian Mission Magazine

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