Responding to the Voice

That which I see not teach thou me: if I have done iniquity, I will do no more. —Job 34:32

It can be fatal to silence the inner voice, the voice of human conscience. Some silence it, for instance, when that voice speaks in outraged protest at the human habit of lying. It may plead eloquently against the habit of dishonesty, or take a person to task for jealousy or for some other sin.

It is always perilous to resist conscience, to ignore the inner voice. Let the Lord talk to your inner spirit, to your innermost being. Within you is a conscience that cannot lean on anybody, that cannot share the blame with anybody—a conscience that singles you out, isolates you and says, “You are the man!” “You are the woman!” It is the voice that makes you want to lower your head and tiptoe away while no one is watching.

I am grateful for the human conscience. If there was no conscience and no voice of God in the world, we would all become beasts in very short order….If that voice is speaking to you—that inner preacher who does not preach to a crowd but only to the lone individual soul—respond! FBR082-083

The chief thing is not to listen to yourself, but silently to listen to God. JAS171

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