A Golden Daybreak

1 Thessalonians 4:16-18

No matter what our condition, the Bible speaks to it. For the distressed or depressed, God has a message of hope. Wrote James Stewart, “God does not mock His children with a night that has no ending; and to every man who stands resolute while the darkness lasts, there comes at length the vindication of faith and the breaking of the day.”

The last chapter of the Old Testament, with its promise of the rising of the Sun of Righteousness, and the last chapter of the New Testament, with its announcement of the Bright and Morning Star, gives us God’s Word about the breaking of the day. In that hope, we lift up our hearts.

The focus of our hope is the Lord Jesus, and the fulfillment of it was not completed during His first visit to earth. He will come again, and the hope of His return shines most brightly in times of darkness. In the gloom of this present era, let us keep our eyes on the eastern horizon, to watch for the dawn.

Jesus came to a world shrouded in darkness. Our world is still wracked by the anguish of its self-inflicted disease of sin. The Bible declares that the human race is fallen, corporately sinful and all alike condemned. Ours is a sad solidarity of weakness and wickedness, with separation from God as the consequence of our folly.

During World War II seven Jewish refugees were sheltered beneath the Cologne Cathedral in Germany at the invitation of the archbishop there. They hid for some time in that basement before they could flee. After they had left, it was found that during those grim days they had written messages on the walls of their shelter. Among the graffiti were these words: “I believe in the dawn, even though it be dark; I believe in God, even though He is silent.”

I too believe in the dawn. I am confident of the eventual breaking of God’s new day, the fulfillment of His program for the world. Today, men love darkness rather than light, and in the darkness we are beset by terrorism and war and violence. But when Christ comes again, he will bring light and peace.

Let us look beyond the darkness, and look with hope for the golden daybreak when Jesus will come in triumph and glory.

Edward Read, I Believe in the Dawn

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