The Christ Question

What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? —Matthew 27:22

Where is Jesus now?” asks the world, and the Christian answers, “At the right hand of God.” He died but He is not dead. He rose again as He said He would….Better than all, His Spirit now reveals to the Christian heart not a dead Christ but a living one. This we are sent to declare with all the bold dogmatism of those who know, who have been there and experienced it beyond the possibility of a doubt.

The gospel is the official proclamation that Christ died for us and is risen again, with the added announcement that everyone who will believe, and as a result of that belief will cast in his lot with Christ in full and final committal, shall be saved eternally.

He…will not be popular and…he will be called to stand where Jesus stood before the world: to be admired by many, loved by a few and rejected at last by the majority of men. He must be willing to pay this price; or let him go his way; Christ has nothing more to say to him now. GTM040-041

The question for every man is the Christ question.

… The turning point of every life is its direct relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. CTBC, Vol. 5/420

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