Our Unchanging Lord

Hebrews 1:10-12

We live in a world that is bound by time and characterized by change. Weather fluctuates, seasons come and go, governments are established and overthrown, houses are built and eventually torn down, technology keeps advancing, and human beings are born, age, and die. We are so accustomed to these cycles that we may be tempted to think about God in this same way, but He stands apart from time and is not subject to change.

The Lord’s immutable nature is the foundation for our faith. If we believed that God’s attributes or preferences, like man’s, could fluctuate, we’d have no assurance of His love, salvation, or grace. Thinking that at any moment He might decide to cancel His promises and cast us off is contrary to everything He says in His Word. Yet many professing Christians live with this fear as they frantically try to live up to what they think the Lord desires.

A solid faith foundation is laid by studying and believing what the Bible says about God. Any time we veer from these truths by relying on what we think, feel, or hear others say, we’re on shifting sand. God’s unchanging nature is the solid rock of our confidence in Him.

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