VIDEO Fight or Flight!: Nehemiah

Should such a man as I flee? Nehemiah 6:11

What Nehemiah was trying to do was tense and dangerous. He had returned to Jerusalem to lead the fledging Jewish community in rebuilding their city walls and creating a stronger presence. The territorial officials opposed this project, and they were determined to stop it even if they had to murder Nehemiah. They accused him, ridiculed him, and sought to intimidate him. Finally, Nehemiah received a message telling him to flee for there was a plot afoot to kill him that very evening.

“Should such a man as I flee?” Nehemiah said, as he stood his ground.

What did Nehemiah mean by that phrase? Did he mean, Such a strong man… or such a brave man… or such a well-protected man

No. He meant, “Should such a man who is doing God’s work, living in His will, standing on His promises, and guarded by His grace flee?” 

Nehemiah’s boldness didn’t come from his own resources. He knew his God—and the people who know their God will fight, not flee.

Oh my soul, put on Christ, and put off fear: put up prayer, and put down dread. From whom should such a man as I flee? Of whom should I be afraid? William Mason

Nehemiah 6 – The Need for Perseverance

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