The Ultimate Bottom Line

1 Corinthians 15:3-4

The “bottom” line in the world of commerce is the last line of a financial statement showing net profit or loss. It is the deciding or crucial factor, the ultimate result. Could it be that Easter is the ultimate bottom line of man’s search to find meaning in life?

There are those who simply consider Easter to be a continuation of what mankind has witnessed through time—a celebration of the coming of spring. To them, Easter heralds the return and renewal of life in nature.

The Salvationist, called to balance an evangelical ministry with social concerns, lives in a pragmatic world. He lives among the people, feels their hurts. Philosophic thought has to take second place to getting the job done.

He tries to fulfill Jesus’ injunction in Matthew 25 to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner, be aware of the needs of mankind, doing it in the name of the Christ who rose again on that first Easter morning. The substance of what we do hinges on the actuality of that great moment when Jesus came forth from the dead.

We need to know, these twenty centuries later, whether the promises of that first Easter morning are still in effect. We need to know if that great resurrection day can still supply the dynamic for men to live above themselves in our troubled world. Does the living presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, working through us, still meet the needs, aspirations, hopes and plans of modern man?

Two millennia later the witness remains the same. Salvationists can say that the Risen Christ motivates our ministry around the world.

Now, these near seventy generations later, the personal as well as the institutional relationship of the resurrection is a glorious reality. It is a joy to witness to the indwelling presence of Christ in the human heart.

The bottom line of the Christian life is that Christ lives in us. The hope of glory is Christ living in and through us. It does not mean that we are free from weakness, nor that we are doing all that we should. But it does mean that we have His presence, His Spirit and His guidance. We exclaim and exult with Charles Wesley, “Christ the Lord is risen today, Hallelujah!”

The might, majesty and magnificence of His resurrection leads us to kneel before our risen Lord and thank Him for His resurrection power in our lives. His triumphant resurrection is the bottom line. It is the deciding factor. It is the ultimate result.

Andrew S. Miller, The War Cry

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