VIDEO Little Ricky

For the love of Christ compels us. 2 Corinthians 5:14

Child actor Keith Thibodeaux became an overnight sensation as Little Ricky on the TV show, I Love Lucy, and later as Opie’s friend, Johnny Paul, on The Andy Griffith Show. After his youthful acting career ended, he joined a rock band and, in the 1970s, battled depression and drug abuse. “My mother invited me to a church meeting in Louisiana,” he said. “It was in this meeting that I became a Christian, that Jesus Christ came into my life.” Today, Keith and his wife lead a fine arts ministry aimed at sharing the Gospel through ballet.[1]

Overnight sensations often awaken the next morning to find the glamor tarnished and the success fleeting. But when we’re filled with God’s compassionate love, we’re happier, stronger, and useful. True success isn’t overnight; it’s eternal. Fame and fortune may be God’s will for a few. It’s the devil’s trap for many. Only the love of Jesus satisfies us forever.

There is no fullness of joy anywhere except in Christ. God has made the human heart so only He Himself can fill it. All the pleasures of the world, all the riches of earth, though they may bring a temporary thrill, leave unsatisfied the longing of the heart. Bob Jones, Jr.

The Reconciling Gospel (2 Corinthians 5:11-20)

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