The Prayer of Faith

... The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. —James 5:16

A second important requirement if the believing church is to be used in God’s ministry is prayer and the response God makes to our prayers uttered in true faith…. No matter what our stature or status, we have the authority in the family of God to pray the prayer of faith. The prayer of faith engages the heart of God, meeting God’s conditions of spiritual life and victory.

Our consideration of the power and efficacy of prayer enters into the question of why we are part of a Christian congregation and what that congregation is striving to be and do. We have to consider whether we are just going around and around—like a religious merry-go-round. Are we simply holding on to the painted mane of the painted horse, repeating a trip of very insignificant circles to a pleasing musical accompaniment?…

All of the advertising we can do will never equal the interest and participation in the things of God resulting from the gracious answers to the prayers of faith generated by the Holy Spirit.   TRA007-008

Lord, don’t ever let me be satisfied “holding on to the painted mane of the painted horse.” I want to be part of a dynamic Body of believers, greatly used of You because we’re seeing answers to genuine “prayers of faith generated by the Holy Spirit.” Amen.

6 thoughts on “The Prayer of Faith

  1. I read your post twice, my thought went to something that I learned over the weekend, In Acts 4 we know what happened, Peter, James, John thrown into prison, stood before the counsel, ( these men had the power to end their lives) and gave that statement, in verse 19, to listen to God or to men, of course that was faith, but what I learned was in verse 28 ” to do whatever your hand and plan had predestined to take place” talk about faith!! these men knew these men could send them into eternity, and they trusted God no matter the outcome…whoa !!, then verse 31…God shook the ground and filled them with the Holy Spirit, that’s faith ! May we get off the merry go round and step into the fight of faith !! God Bless, Dave


    • Thank you for sharing your comments to His Glory. That is a good way to put it: “get off the merry go round and step into the fight of faith !!” May God continue to Bless you and yours as well.


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