God’s Book—Fresh as the Dew

Ye received the word of God…not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God. —1 Thessalonians 2:13

There isn’t anything dated in the Book of God. When I go to my Bible, I find dates but no dating. I mean that I find the sense and the feeling that everything here belongs to me….

When the Holy Spirit wrote the epistles, through Peter and Paul and the rest, He wrote them and addressed them to certain people and then made them so universally applicable that every Christian who reads them today in any part of the world, in any language or dialect, forgets that they were written to someone else and says, “This was addressed to me. The Holy Spirit had me in mind. This is not antiquated and dated. This is the living Truth for me—now!”…

Brethren, this is why…the Word of the Lord God is as fresh as every new sunrise, as sweet and graciously fresh as the dew on the grass the morning after the clear night—because it is God’s Word to man! ICH027-028

God has given us the Book, brother, and the Book comes first. If it can’t be shown in the Book, then I don’t want anyone coming to me all aquiver and trying to tell me anything. The Bookyou must give me the Word! COU114

Tozer on the Holy Spirit.

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