The Hurt of Rejection

The younger [son] said to his father, “Father, give me the share of the estate I have coming to me.” So he distributed the assets to them … The younger son gathered together all he had and traveled to a distant country.—Luke 15:12-13

One of the greatest, most encouraging ministries of the Holy Spirit within our lives is that of a Comforter.

During my ministry, I have observed that there are five main hurts which people experience in life. The first is the hurt of rejection. Can the Holy Spirit comfort us when we feel rejected? He most certainly can. Sooner or later in this mixed-up world, everyone feels rejected. Indeed, some go through so much rejection, they cease to expect anything else.

Rejection often happens in childhood: the child may have been unwanted by his parents, or may have been the wrong sex, or for some reason doesn’t please her parents. These feelings of rejection are recorded in our system on a kind of tape recorder, and later in life, whenever we feel rejected, we not only experience the present rejection, but in some strange way it triggers the “tape recorder” inside us, and we play back all the feelings of rejection we felt in earlier years.

Past feelings of rejection that have never been healed may put a weight on the personality that is too heavy for it to bear, and this is why, as we say, a person breaks down. People rarely break down because of one event; it is usually the one event that becomes the last straw.

Have you deep feelings of rejection within you that you are carrying from the past? Or have you been rejected in recent days or weeks? Then draw near to God. The Spirit is with you to heal your hurts—right now.


Gracious Holy Spirit, I am so thankful that You come alongside to help in my hour of need. I offer You every feeling of rejection and hurt that lies within my heart. Heal me now in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Father. It’s done. Amen.

Further Study

Lk 15:11-32; Eph 1:6; 2Co 5:9; Ac 10:35

What is the message of the parable?

What three things did the younger son receive to verify this?

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